Statistics have proven that many of our teenager's do not attend prom because of financial burdens.  Even more so now due to current times and the attempt to recover from the financial struggles brought upon by challenges including the pandemic. Many families have had to make financial sacrifices to make ends meet. 

We here at Focus Fellowship Church are a We church.  A church for the and of the Community and so when God put it in the hearts of Associate Pastor Manny and Natacha to do something about this, the birth of "Say Yes To The Prom Dress/Tux was a reality. 

We are collaborating with Churches, High Schools, Mary Kay Cosmetics, BRAVA Cafe, Game Day Sports Bar,

Beauty Salon by Betty and DJ Sam Real to assure that this project is a success and that we can make many teenagers prom dreams a reality.  

The event was a total success.  We were given the privilege and honor to bless every young man with a suit and shoes and also bless every young lady with a prom dress, a graduation dress and also bless their mom as well with a dress to attend the graduation.  

Below you can see a quick video of The people of God loving God and loving their neighbors. 

You see the Church doing what the Church is suppose to do and Glorifying God in the process.

Say yes to the prom dress

1st. Annual 
"Say Yes To The Prom Dress"

saturday  MAY 14